Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Anytime we approach the Word of God we must be willing to learn what the passage is saying. A lot of the time we allow our tradition to dictate what a certain passage says or does not say. We need to find out what it really says in context.

I want to give a few suggestion to help those of you that do not really know how to study the word of God.

1. Read the book all the way through without going in to an in depth study. This way you can get the flow of what the author is trying to say.

2. Start to go through the book verse by verse, but make sure to keep each section in context. If you take passages out of context, you will not understand correctly.

3. Ask yourself the following questions.
-Who is the author?
-Where was it written too? (or who?)
-Why was it written?
-When was it written?
-What kind of genre is it? (Historicle, Epistle, Gospel etc...)
-How does it apply to you?

These are just a few basic tips for bible study. If you want to know more about bible study the resources can be found at the following website under the bible school messages section.

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